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Fourth of July

Where to Catch Big Fireworks Displays around Portland and Beyond This Fourth of July

Find the rockets' red glare at Portland’s Waterfront Park, Oaks Amusement Park, coastal towns like Astoria and Seaside, and more.

06/29/2023 By Portland Monthly Staff


What Problems? Downtown Stores Tell a New Tale of Summer Fun

Portland businesses would like your foot traffic and kind words. Two event series, West End Wednesdays and Explore Ankeny, hope to lure in customers and promote Downtown shops.

06/28/2023 By Dalila Brent

Partisan Divide

Who Won the Walkout in the Oregon Legislature?

Republicans in the Oregon Senate missed 43 days in a protest of several bills, on topics including abortion access, gender-affirming care, and gun control. Democrats and Republicans reached agreement late last week.

06/20/2023 By Sam Stites

Buzz Off

Why Are Mosquitoes Swarming Portland? For Starters, the County Didn’t Spray.

Mosquito populations are up fivefold this summer—and Multnomah County is giving out free mosquito fish to help limit the spread of the biting insects.

06/14/2023 By Katherine Chew Hamilton


Unusual Cougar Sightings Add Nerves to Summer Hikes

Oregon wildlife officials issue a warning, reminding us that Oregon is cougar and bear country.

06/14/2023 By Sam Stites


Make S'mores Now, Before Burn Ban Begins a Month Early—but There’s a Loophole

Multnomah County is initiating a burn ban this week. Here's how to safely enjoy those s'mores anyway.

06/14/2023 By Katherine Chew Hamilton


Pride Parades and Events 2023: Portland Upgrades to 2 Months of Celebrations

The big parade moves to July, but June is still packed with Pride events and festivals, from the Portland Gay Men's Chorus Disney Show to the Queer Wine Fest.

06/08/2023 By Margaret Seiler


The Deschutes River Became My Therapist and Healer

A navy veteran fighting PTSD reflects on the Central Oregon gem, where he found healing, hope, joy, and fly-fishing.

06/08/2023 By Chad Brown


New York Experiences Wildfire Smoke, Can’t Handle It

Portlanders are puzzled by East Coasters' response to poor air quality, which is their annual reality.

06/07/2023 By Sam Stites

Movers & Shakers

Perfect Party: Summer 2023

From the first Goonie to win an Oscar (sorry, Corey Feldman) to the Portland-snubbing Taylor Swift, here’s who’s invited to our table.

06/05/2023 By Margaret Seiler


Portland Is a Beach Town. It's True.

Poet’s, Audrey McCall, Sellwood, Cathedral, Tom McCall Bowl, or Duckworth Dock—which Willamette River swim spot is best for you and your crew?

06/02/2023 By Margaret Seiler, Michelle Harris, and Matthew Trueherz

Editor’s Note

From the Editor: What’s Your Favorite Part of Oregon Summer?

An ocean vista on the coast, an ice cream sundae in the Gorge, a beer along the Sandy River, or a day at Enchanted Forest

06/02/2023 By Margaret Seiler


Who Killed Jordan Cove?

How an unlikely band of activists vanquished an energy megaproject in Southern Oregon.

05/31/2023 By Ramona DeNies

Best of PDX

50 Things to Do in Portland

From markets to movie houses to museums, here's your expert list of the absolute best things to do in this city.

05/26/2023 By Shannon Daehnke, Michelle Harris, Fiona McCann, Conner Reed, Margaret Seiler, Julia Silverman, and Matthew Trueherz

Going Yard

Portland Baseball by the Numbers: Hops, Pickles, and More

The stats on the new Hillsboro Hops stadium, wacky Portland Pickles promos, and the MLB dream that will never die.

05/24/2023 By Margaret Seiler

Houses with History

Where Governors Go Shopping: The Oregon Historical Society Vault

Tina Kotek, Kate Brown, John Kitzhaber, and others could have decorated their residence with the Trojan control panel or the Santaland monorail.

05/23/2023 By Byron Beck

La Grande to the Filipinas

Another Oregon Connection at the Women’s World Cup 2023

Former Eastern Oregon University soccer player Kiara Fontanilla might be in goal for the Philippines at the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

05/19/2023 By Margaret Seiler

Adult Contemporary

Portland Has a Branding Problem: John Mellencamp’s Portland Video Not Portland

A video for the aging rocker’s terrible song about the homelessness crisis in Portland shows South Central LA, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

05/17/2023 By Margaret Seiler

In Short

Hot Takes on Portland's Latest News

Real news in small packages, from a Portland State alum's NASA gig to a new airport bar at PDX to Nike saying no to white shorts.

05/17/2023 By Margaret Seiler


Ripping the City with Chris Yen

The shop owner dishes on his favorite summer eats, go-to Oregon road trip, and Portland’s best-kept secret.

05/09/2023 By Dalila Brent Illustrations by Betty Turbo